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Maintenance, repair and inspection of cranes, hoists and lifting equipment

Kraanservice fulfills the maintenance of cranes and hoists of any brand and kind, and can also take care of the repair and inspection of your lifting equipment. Quality, service and certainty are the core values that characterize our services. We offer these high quality services for competitive rates. The Kraanservice team has great expertise and is flexible. If your crane or hoist starts to malfunction or stops working, we try our best to fix it the very same day!

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Unburdening in cranes and lifting equipment

About maintains repairs and inspects any kind of lifting equipment you can think of, including overhead cranes, jib cranes and electric hoists. We can even bring our own hydraulic platform, so you will not have to worry about anything. Moreover, we can execute small repair work once we encounter a malfunction; since we have many repair parts in stock ourselves! This results in an efficient way of working.

Besides maintenance, repairs and inspection, Kraanservice also delivers new hoists, overhead cranes, and drive technology of Donati and other producers. Furthermore, we are capable of modifying and alternating the hoists and cranes you are currently using. Examples are updating and shortening cranes, and help moving the cranes to other locations.

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